Computer Network & Security

Protect Your Future with IT & Data Security You Can Trust

At Modern Data, we understand the threats today’s businesses face. We’ve seen how devastating a breach can be for an unprepared company, and we know that a proactive approach to security greatly mitigates the threat.
Our IT & Data Security services are custom designed to proactively reduce real threats our clients face. Your company’s existing technology infrastructure, online activities, and future IT planning all play a role in the security program our team develops. From vulnerability assessments to systematically improving the security protocols on each IT asset you use, we offer complete, end-to-end security solutions.
IT & Data Security services differ from client to client, but some of the services offered include:
  • Vulnerability scanning for mobile and wired devices and networks
  • Cloud security
  • Training and best practices consulting
  • Disaster recovery and backup
Optimize an Existing Network or New Implementation
Whether you want to start from scratch or have an existing networking solution, Modern Data takes pride in its implementations. Our certified IT professionals have done consulting work for companies of all sizes and we would be more than happy to optimize your current network to help prevent wasted time, frustrated employees, and lost revenue.
Network can cripple a business while directly affecting the bottom line. Ensuring your network makes sense for your business while maintaining proper connectivity and permissions is what our certified IT professionals do best through our computer network services.
Modern Data has the knowledge and experience gained from working with some of the largest companies to make your network work for you.
  • Computer Network Services and Solutions
  • Routing & Switching
  • Security Appliances & Firewalls
  • WAN Optimization
  • VoIP & Unified Communications
  • Wireless
  • IPSec & SSL VPN
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Cisco Expertise