General audit

IT audits and consulting: from analysis to solutions

What are your company’s real needs in IT? Is your IT environment sufficiently reliable and efficient? SECDAIS has not only the answers to these questions but also the means to optimize the computer security of your company!
Have a good look at the quality and reliability of your database!
The company offers audits tailored to your business, designed to verify the reliability and efficiency of its IT environment. These are highly rigorous audits that may question the following points:
  • - the quality of the firewall, the antivirus and the data protection system,
  • - the effectiveness of the anti-spam system for incoming emails,
  • - the obsolescence of computer hardware and software,
  • - the quality of the operating system,
  • - the security of the procedures put in place around the database, the transfer of files, etc.
The computer audit proposed by SECDAIS is undoubtedly an investment that is worth it for your company! This is a necessary step, especially before acquiring new IT resources.
Solutions ...
Once gaps are detected within the IT environment of your company, SECDAIS offers solutions in different forms:
  1. computer software and hardware that is tailored to the problems detected in your business,
  2. tips to prevent human errors in computer security,
  3. the sale and installation of surveillance cameras, accompanied by advice on their ideal location.
  4. Want to carry out an audit within your company? Increase the reliability and profitability of your IT environment? Need additional information? Contact us!