Database analysis

Our specific work

At SECDAIS we carry out a lot of application audits and these more and more often include a component on the database. The motivations for audits are diverse: is the data model compliant with the state of the art or a corporate standard? Does it represent risks for the application (performance, integrity)? Will it be able to support the launch of such a feature, tripling the number of users and the volumetry? In 10 years and after 10 generations of providers, will it still be readable? How to measure the quality of stored procedures?
It is on these points that we intervene to help you improve the structure of your data with the latest generation solutions that we make available to you.
Have a good look at the quality and reliability of your database!
Specialized in data processing, SECDAIS intervenes to audit your database and provide a neutral external vision aimed at improving the data capital of your company:
  • Identify duplicates
  • Evaluate the quality of your postal addresses
  • Evaluate the level of obsolescence of your database data
  • Evaluate your internal processes of acquisition, processing and use of your data
  • Identify typology and volumetry of missing data to homogenize the quality of your database
  • Identify the data available in the company but not exploited
Be aware of the potential of your data for improving the performance of your operational actions and decision-making.