We take care of your satisfaction in your software development project.

The sense of detail, the eye of finesse, the question of the user experience are all qualities that make our specialists the best in the field.

Consulting company in software development is to help companies.

We help companies / organizations to optimize their architecture by provide them with facilities in the treatment of their working procedures.

Proven for high defense and security needs

our solutions protect the integrity of your information system and your information assets

Mastering the behavioral knowledge of customers

offering more efficient device maintenance or better controlled production costs is the function of predictive analysis.

SECDAIS has chosen validated and certified solutions for you.

SECDAIS is positioned as the security partner of all the communicating elements of your Company.

Should an incident ever occur on your property.

Every security camera in this bundle also uses a wide-angle lens that provides an expansive field-of-view.

SECDAIS offers audits tailored to your business.

The computer audit proposed by SECDAIS is undoubtedly an investment that is worth it for your company.

SECDAIS responds to your needs with an adapted service offer in IT.

We offer a complete range of hardware and software solutions, for individuals and companies.

SECDAIS offers powerful solutions for a help desk service.

Thanks to our experience in the field of outsourcing and remote technical support.

Delivering the best experience for your customers is the SECDAIS “MOJO”.

Our designers use their expertise in aesthetics, product design, functional design and ergonomics.

At Modern Data, we understand the threats today’s businesses face.

Whether you want to start from scratch or have an existing networking solution, Modern Data takes pride in its implementations.