Outsourcing solution

We become YOUR IT department

Implementing an outsourcing solution means putting your IT infrastructure back into the hands of a provider outside your company.
The advantage? The implementation and management of your computer system is provided by a professional, independent and reliable partner.
An outsourcing solution at a fixed price
Our approach :
  • Analysis of the IT environment (Audit)
  • Implementation of a solution for a fixed monthly amount
  • Support, continuous improvement, maintenance & support
Once the audit phase of your IT system is complete, upon request, we can take charge of setting up, managing and maintaining all or part of your IT system.
This makes us the primary contact for your IT teams – while remaining an independent and reliable external partner.
A tailor-made and measurable outsourcing service
Upon request, we provide a set of formalized IT services in a catalog of products and services. Then we give a detailed quote for the supply, implementation and management of this catalog.
The areas for which intervention on our part is required are clearly defined.
For each solution put in place we also define quantitative and qualitative measures (KPI – Key Performance Indicator). This is to assess whether the goals set at the beginning have been achieved.